Hello, I'm Juliet at Pitta Patta Dance!


Pitta Patta Dance offers children a unique dance experience through classes, summer camps and fun filled parties, whilst parents can kick back, relax and enjoy the performance! Covering North West London, West London, South London, South West London, North London, and Hertfordshire.

Set up in the summer of 2001, Pitta Patta Dance celebrates and fosters the natural love children have for rhythm and movement. Our highly trained and motivated team of dance teachers and entertainers inspire children to express themselves freely, enjoying a variety of dance styles and popular dance routines.

So if you want to provide creative fun for your children and give them a party to remember contact Pitta Patta Dance today.

Biography of Juliet Maingay-Cooper, Founder of Pitta Patta Dance

I had the good fortune to start my dance journey with my beloved teacher Hilda Holger, the Central European expressionist dancer http://hildeholger.com. From the ages of 6-15 I attended her dance school at the basement of her crumbling Victorian terrace in Camden. She taught me that movement could only be important if it was guided by thought and emotion.

I later worked with the incredible Royston Maldoom http://www.royston-maldoom.net on three London Youth Dance projects that culminated in a performance at the Place. He nurtured my belief that dance has the power to unite people of different classes,races and religions. His work taught me that dance is a powerful art form in helping young people to understand the complexities and the beauty of the world we live in.

I completed my diploma in Dance at Lewisham College and then went on to do a degree in Drama, Film and Television at Bristol University (2.1). I also worked as a professional dancer/actress across theatre, film and television. I am also a qualified children's yoga teacher.

Once I finished my degree, I returned to London where I worked as a film and dance publicist for four years including the Michael Clark Dance Company. Following a six-month career break travelling around Brazil, I set up Pitta Patta Dance – creative dance classes for children. My classes take place at the Primrose Hill Community Centre and I have had the honour of keeping the original group of 5-year-old girls who started dancing with me, one of whom is now my assistant.

My approach is to nurture a love of dance in children. My classes have always been a mix of contemporary and commercial dance, and dance from different cultures. My lessons have always contained a creative component. The aim of the creative component is for children to explore dance as a vehicle for self-expression. Over the last eleven years, I have taught in schools as a dance artist, run my own dance, yoga and drama camps, taught private classes to adults and children, and run after school clubs in state schools, private schools, and youth clubs. I have also worked as a freelance children’s choreographer in Theatre, Film and Television. I have a team of teachers working alongside me. I am currently on the Teach First Programme completing my P.G.C.E.