Hello, I'm Info at London School of Lucha Libre!


Welcome to the UK's best & only dedicated Professional Wrestling School & Lucha Libre training ground, right in the heart of Central London. The school mixes the acrobatic style from Mexico with the traditional British style, covering both countries rich heritage of wrestling and splendour while also mixing in the North American and Japanese strong style of the art.

The 'London School of Lucha Libre' is a comprehensive and safe way of learning all about the art of Lucha Libre Wrestling.
Sponsored by the award winning Cabaret Siniestro wrestling show 'Lucha Britannia', and coached by the UK's most experienced wrestlers & trainers.

"Wrestling training is one of the greatest disciplines in the world because it teaches you so many different skills which you can take & use in everyday life.

Things like improved balance, confidence, coordination, timing, body conditioning, stamina, creative thinking, charisma, strength, kinesiology, physiology, body mechanics, stretching, posture, gymnastics, and of course real professional wrestling skills"