Hello, I'm Justine at Herr Kettner's Kabaret!


Berlin, and the chaotic Weimar republic is tearing itself apart as left and right political extremes vie for the people's hearts, while the currency devalues so quickly that wages are paid in wheelbarrows of cash and banknotes must be over-printed at 1,000 times their original worth. Where does one go to drown one's sorrows? Why, Herr Kettner's Kabaret, of course.

Step into a decadent, desperate world where economic collapse and political mayhem waltz drunkenly with bold new art and bolder social mores—the crossroads between an elegant feudal past and the thrilling modern world, where monocled aristocrats share tables with revolutionaries and women dressed as men, an artistic melting pot that produces the madness of Dada, George Grosz's satirical grotesques and the futuristic dystopian movie Metropolis.

Forget the gloom outside: here, across two floors of Herr Kettner's decadently beautiful house, you can sway to the new "jazz" music coming from America, learn to dance the Charleston, flirt with our cabaret singers, guffaw at our comedians, and quaff Champagne and cocktails like there's no tomorrow—there probably isn't.