Hello, I'm Talia!


London based artist Talia Lehavi is a cross-disciplinary painter whose work revolves around the nature of grace. Having spent a long time in Japan mastering the arts of brush painting and watercolours, Talia draws upon her extensive studies to create uniquely textured paintings and layered monotype prints.

Having experimented in the past with weaving, printing, photography and jewellery making, Talia has always shown a particular affinity for painting. After gaining a place at the prestigious Bezalel Academy of Art in Jerusalem, she completed a BA at Middlesex Polytechnic and an MA degree at the School of Oriental and African Studies in London.

Over the years, Talia has developed a style that is clear and precise, demonstrating a fine sense of aesthetics while using the minimalism of ink to create rich texture. Exploring the boundary between figure and abstract, and between line and texture, she addresses issues of harmony, balance and beauty with depth and perception. Her style is varied but instantly recognizable, and displays emotion, dexterity and technical skill. She invites meditation upon nature, moments and moods, while also offering an inspired relationship with colour, light and movement. Talia often creates a series of works, which evolve from one to the next. Her pieces serve as a reminder of things to be observed, loved and cherished.

Talia has been teaching classes in Japanese brush technique for many years in museums in Israel and London, as well as in colleges and artists' workshops. She has exhibited both alone and in group shows in established galleries and art fairs around the world. Her work can be found at Guy's Hospital in London, the Agam collection in Paris, and in numerous private collections in Europe, the US and Japan. Her commissioned projects include books and poetry illustration, as well as interior art for private homes and public spaces.

For more information about Talia's work, please visit www.talialehavi.com

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