Hello, I'm Info at Workshop: Streetart!


break the mould with urban art

Learn the skills behind Urban & Street Art, discover the ethos, create your very own piece to take home.

Meet, learn & work alongside internationally renowned but secretive Artists including #codefc, Osch & Masai who will uncover the workings of Urban Stencil / Street Art & illuminate its principles.

Workshop:StreetArt is an inspiring way to spend action & fun filled hours actively engaging with a creative crowd, exploring new skills and gaining a true insight into this tenebrous world – the silent but sophisticated art form that colours the streets of London even when the day is grey.

We want to make this a better place for all! Workshop: Streetart works closely with local communities by engaging disadvantaged youth as Artists’ assistants thus creating a positive opportunity away from troubled streets & offering new experience with a bit of genuine appreciation.