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Alternative London is an original and unique concept in the London tours market. Amongst London's many tours, Alternative London was the first to showcase what is happening now in London's creative hotbed.

Even though we are London's original street art tour provider, we believe that the art on the walls is just the tip of the iceberg. We aim to go much deeper by giving insights into the interesting historical events, and vast array of cultures that have made this exciting part of the capital what it is today.

Now in our third year, Alternative London has gone from strength to strength. We have spent 57 consecutive weeks as London's number one tour provider on Trip Advisor and have featured in countless T.V shows and newspaper and magazine articles.

We have grown from a one man operation to a small business with a social conscience. We employ guides who are able to give tours for income whilst concentrating on their creative careers.

In a market which now has many immitators, our moto remains the same: to always innovate and never immitate. By constantly pushing the boundaries and moving forward with exciting and original new projects, tours and workshops, our customers can be satisfied that we are always striving to take them where no London tour company has gone before.