Hello, I'm Dorothee at North London Sewing Classes!


Hi, I am Dorothee and I run North London Sewing Classes. My classes are fairly fast-paced because that is who I am: I get excited when I am passionate about something!

My training includes courses at Central Saint Martin’s, Morley College and Camden’s Workingmen’s College as well as working with fashion designers and also with pattern cutters at fashion studios.

I created North London Sewing Classes with a desire to bring a solution to these three observations:

When you go buying clothes in shops, have you ever wondered how can one shape of clothes in different sizes dress the world? Aren’t bodies more about shape than they are about size?

When sewing from commercial patterns, how many times have you loved a suggested design, but wanted to change several aspects of it? It's like cooking, sometimes you just want to tweak a recipe to give it your own personal touch.

Have you ever seen a piece of clothing in a shop that you liked but wished it was in a different fabric or colour?

In my classes I will teach you how to make clothes to your own measurements, how to change sewing patterns to your desires or how to draw a pattern from scratch to make the clothes you really want. You will get the skills so you can create without bounds.

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