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Paragliding lessons and tuition: the premier flying school in Sussex, UK!

Sussex Paragliding School offers Paragliding lessons by our dedicated team of BHPA qualified instructors throughout the year from its base on the South Downs, near Brighton, East Sussex and just an hour from London. For a map see where we are (We're not too far from London)

From our humble beginnings based in a loft on the outskirts of Brighton, Sussex, we have enjoyed a high degree of success over the last twenty four years, training and enthusing budding pilots to take to the air. Sussex Paragliding School has now developed into the largest flying centre in the UK. A few of those early pioneers are now world class pilots. Some of them have come back to the nest to teach and pass on what they have learned on their travels. We not only run paragliding taster days and full courses in the UK, but also training courses in Spain, pilot and Cross Country Skills Clinics in Tenerife, Turkey and Southern France.

Sussex Hang Gliding & Paragliding have appeared on TV several times over the years. We were chosen by the BBC's Holiday program to teach them to fly as we are not only the country's Premier paragliding clubs, but also situated in the heart of the beautiful South Downs National Park - with it's stunning scenery and fantastic flying potential. Brighton, Lewes, Eastbourne and many villages (such as Alfriston, voted Sussex's most beautiful village) are only a stone's throw away so it’s easy to make use of their potential.

Sussex Paragliding is a BHPA registered Paragliding school located just off the A27 in Sussex, UK. We run paragliding lessons everyday of the year, as long as the weather conditions play game. We pride ourselves in being the only full time paragliding School in the UK. We get out and teach paragliding 7 days a week 365 days a year (weather permitting). We even fly during the winter months, we have been known to go out in three foot of snow and fly. The ideal weather conditions for paragliding in the UK are light winds and no rain. If you book a paragliding lesson and it is cancelled then just book in another time.