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If you are looking to learn to paraglide or paramotor, you have come to the right place. We are a full time specialised school offering training in paragliding, paramotoring and equipment sales. We offer intro paragliding lessons for complete beginners or full paragliding and paramotoring courses for those that want to start a completely new way of life. Paraventure is one of the longest established full time paragliding schools in the UK with hundreds of students qualified to an unusually high standard.

Why our paragliding lessons and courses are different

Paraventure is a dedicated paragliding and paramotoring centre covering mostly South Wales and the West Country regions. We are based at the World Heritage site of Blaenavon South Wales within easy reach of the M4 and the A40. We specialise in select, highly personal paragliding training either with very small groups or one on one private tuition, with up to date paragliding equipment and as a result we produce skilled and confidence pilots. Your paragliding lessons and courses will be taught by a highly experienced team of instructor pilots whom each have something unique to offer our students. To learn more about why our standards are so high, how we do things differently and why we are regarded by many as one of the best paragliding and paramotoring training schools in the country, click on the training link to your left.

As well as running the school teaching people paragliding, we also sell an enormous range of paragliding and paramotoring equipment and run flying trips to many European destinations. We take our paragliders with us all over the world and have many adventures. We also try to test every new interesting piece of equipment that comes onto the market whether it's a paraglider, a paramotor or a new harness type. If we test a new paraglider, we often write a review on the forums or magazines. There seems to be a new design of paraglider or paramotor coming out everyday and our experience can help you pick the best available combination for your level or aspirations. As well as choosing the right paraglider or paramotor, you also need advice on which harness, helmet, rescue parachute and flight instruments. The market is a minefield for beginners but we can make the whole thing an enjoyable learning experience for you.

We are here for everything that you could possibly want or need, from free advice, learn the basics, then on to full qualification paragliding or paramotoring courses and choosing your own state of the art equipment. We'll introduce you to our world, our friends and our places. Then we'll take you to far off distant lands to have the most intense experiences of your life. You've made the first step by finding our website. Now join our Face Book group, read on and join in!