Hello, I'm Mike at drivertuition.com!


Mike Cooper is one of the only UK trainers legally able to offer insured performance instruction on the road in our or your performance vehicle.

Mike did his first driving techniques lecture in Liverpool University Students Union(!) back in 1984, as an active member and organiser within the University Motor Club, to freshers and newcomers to competition. Actively involved during the 80s in racing, rallying - even desert driving - Mike went on to do a Postgrad in teaching, with a career in Physics, Maths and Technology before exiting in 1996 to develop a full-time driving business, formalising this with significant training on road and track to enable development of high quality instruction in all areas.

Mike always takes opportunities to learn and improve the delivery of instruction and has spent time with a wide spectrum of individuals, from international football coaches to top road and rally drivers. The fact that he has sat next to many top international race drivers as well as circuit specific trainers means that he can pass on their best elements to you in a condensed manner. You will not fail to learn in your session.

All full-day instruction is complemented by carefully written post-session development notes, not just some generic pointer sheets, or tips on that track They relate to your drive and your development, whether road or track. And road and track complement each other surprisingly well.

Mike has taught at the highest levels and drivers in some of the top series: Even teaching Police Class1 drivers how to improve high speed vehicle control techniques. With experience of a very wide range of vehicles, from road and racecars to desert driving in 4x4 and 6x6 trucks in the Sahara desert, Mike currently works for one the best known German performance car manufacturers as a driving consultant and is a registered ARDS race instructor at Palmersport. He is also a DSA Grade 6 (the highest grade) road and fleet instructor and RoSPA Advanced instructor with experience of working in non-secure environments.

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