Hello, I'm David at London Writers' Workshop!


David Wingrove has an MA in English and American Literature and was part-way through his doctorate (on Hardy, Lawrence and Golding) when work on a series of novels set in a future world took over. The result was the internationally-acclaimed eight-volume series known as Chung Kuo (Hodder/Headline). He subsequently authored three hugely-successful Myst (Transworld) novels to accompany the bestselling computer game, and has most recently been working on a series of novels spanning the twentieth century. The Chung Kuo series is being relaunched by Corvus/Atlantic in a staggering twenty volumes and kicks off with two new prequel novels. Son of Heaven was published in March to great critical acclaim and Daylight on Iron Mountain will follow in November. David is also an experienced editor and critic, and with Brian Aldiss, is co-author of the award-winning work of criticism, Trillion Year Spree.