Hello, I'm Daniel!


Walters Family School of Taekwondo was established by Daniel Walters and Shakira Gabriel-Lovell in April 2011.

Daniel is a Taekwondo instructor registered with the British Taekwondo Control Board (BTCB) that has trained in Taekwondo for 23 years, since the age of 4. Daniel was introduced to Taekwondo by his parents when he was a child as they were also instructors in fitness and martial arts. He has a total of 7 years experience as an instructor of both children’s and adult's classes. Daniel is a 3rd Dan black belt and currently competes in competitions at an International (A-Class) level. Daniel has 5 years experience competing at A-Class competitions where his biggest achievement to date was representing England at the Commonwealth Championships in Chennai, India (January, 2011) and winning a silver medal. He received a full sports scholarship and funding towards competitions from London Southbank University where he completed a Sports & Exercise Science Honours degree.

Daniel's main aim is to raise the profile of Taekwondo in his home country (Great Britain) as much as possible as it is an Olympic sport and it’s a sport he's enjoyed since the age of 4 years. Daniel believe's that people will enjoy the training and may also benefit from learning the culture of his sport. Taekwondo is a Korean martial art. It therefore takes on some of the Korean culture. This includes strong beliefs in discipline, self-control, respect, etiquette, modesty, perseverance, and indomitable spirit. These are valuable traits that are not taught by all sports and make martial arts like Taekwondo unique and especially useful in aiding the development of young people.

Our Mission
“Taekwondo has been a way of life in my family for the past 2 generations. Taekwondo teaches many things in addition to the obvious striking and blocking techniques seen on television during the Olympics. The Taekwondo way of life is based around family values and fighting spirit. These values which drive a person to train harder than their opponent in order to emerge victorious in competition are the same values which drive that person to strive for the best in life. A true Taekwondo athlete aims to become the best person he or she can possibly achieve to be and they do not stop until their targets are met. The Taekwondo way of life, if taught correctly, can bring the highest ambitions along with the largest work ethic to those who otherwise might not have aimed to achieve anything. The drive to fulfil a dream floods into every aspect of life meaning that positive outcomes materialise in day-to-day life as a knock on affect. As an instructor I aim to pass this way of life on to as many people as possible as it was taught to me. There are many talented people who for whatever reasons do not achieve their maximum potential. In my ideal world every person will have a target to reach and a family to support them in getting there. This would be a way of life, the Taekwondo way of life, and as a result the world would be a better place. My family’s school mission is to provide this ideal world, based around the Taekwondo way of life in as many communities as possible”.

Daniel Walters