Hello, I'm Shivani at Euphoria 2014!


Euphoria is a charity based society which was founded at the UCL School of Pharmacy - we don't know how long ago, that's how old it is.
It has now become the biggest society within SOP and is open to all London university students. We host a range of fundraising events typically cake sales and this year we even launched our first social events to raise money for charity!

Euphoria's main event is - The annual talent show. This is the most exciting show organized by a single faculty in the entire UK!!!! And is open to ANY student. The magical and thrilling evening features a range of multicultural dances, fashion shows, music and much more (there usually is a surprise performance at every show).

Euphoria has been a real eye-opener for many. Its charity aspect is truly inspiring; the extent of time and dedication each team puts into their campaign is credit worthy and fantastic.

University is also all about doing something crazy and creating memories that will last you forever. The most classic one yet - A student from Hong Kong participated in a classic Bollywood style dance (this actually happened) Most our performers and committees have made amazing friends during their involvement with Euphoria.

This year Euphoria committee have decided to sponsor a very special and different charity. Challenge Africa. Challenge Africa is different because it does not only provide basic healthcare and education but also responds to the long term developmental needs of poor communities within Kenya. Some recent projects include women graduating with a national tailoring degree to be able to create a small clothing industry so families cannot support themselves and their communities; a similar principle follows for men being skilled in carpentry.

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