Hello, I'm Clair at The Kitchen Front!


Ssshhhh, don't tell anyone but I am an Essex Girl that has lived in Cornwall since I was 16. I love the scenery, the lifestyle, the wonderful beaches and surf. I am one of those girls that will do lots of hard core sports on the outside and then go home and bake cakes for my family with my pinny on!

I studied an illustration foundation degree in North Devon which illuminated my horizon like an explosion; and I studied baking from about six years old, taught by my paternal grandmother who would combine pastry skills with stories of being bombed out in the London Blitz and how to make everything go further from rationing.

So here I am, creating stuff for my favourite place in the home...the kitchen and combining it with love of my North Cornwall surroundings and a real passion for the 1940's and 1950's era. I do a lot of research before creating a design, working form V&A patterns, look at 1940's and 1950's advertising and artwork before creating vintage inspired products. So every design has a story, a reason for its creation.

I would not make anything that I would not be proud to have in my own kitchen or home. I work hard to source UK produced materials and work with UK manufacturers. I literally hand paint and fire the ceramics and design my own fabrics. Patterned fabrics are sent to a professional sewing house in Cornwall, whereas I make the bespoke items. I machine wash and launder all my fabrics to ensure that they are fit for purpose and robust. So, you can have things that are pretty and very practical too!

I do many commissions and bespoke items, which I really enjoy, working with someone to create what is in their head and produce a completely unique gift. Unique, personalised, quality products, each one a piece of artwork.

So, welcome to The Kitchen Front and thank goodness for our mothers and grandmothers who taught us all we know about creating wondrous things in our kitchens.

Thank you for your custom and please feel free to contact me if you have any queries, ideas or comments.

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