Hello, I'm Carol at Carol's Creative Workshops!


Hi, I’m Carol – a feltmaker, embroiderer & Painter. I paint peoples’ homes beautiful colours with my team of female decorators, and teach feltmaking and embroidery in south London. I thrive on continuous learning, adding new skills and extending the range of my textile knowledge through courses with some brilliant, well-known tutors as well as through travel, most recently across northern India, Scandinavia & the Shetland Islands.

I love sharing and passing on my skills, enabling others to use colour and fibre to express creativity, warmth and positive feelings. It’s been proven that getting creative and using your hands reduces stress and enlivens the mind, so learning new craft skills is one of the best things you can do to balance out the downsides of hectic modern life. People love my workshops for that reason and often come back for more.

i am also part of a group of textile artists called Women of the Cloth. We get together and share our love of textiles arts and crafts, each having different specialisms, such as weaving, indigo dyeing, feltmaking, crochet, knitting, embroidery. We host regular exhibitions, sales and workshop events around south London throughout the year, inviting guest artists to join us so that we have constant variety of handmade products and workshops on offer. Join us for some textile inspiration.

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