Hello, I'm Nic at Nic Webb!


Nic Webb studied Fine Art at Brighton University, Graduating in 1994.

Nic works predominantly with wood though also combines stone, metal, ceramic and paint in his making. His studio is in Camberwell, South East London, within a community of artists and makers at Vanguard Court. He is 40.

‘I am passionate about working with natural materials and use combinations of traditional tools and modern methods to produce hand crafted objects of art and design. Many of the tools that I use today belonged to my Great Great Grandfather, a Journeyman working as a carpenter in Devon in the 1800's. Working with greenwood (unseasoned wood) allows great freedom in my making. It can twist, move and change colour in the seasoning process, creating wonderful natural surprises.’

‘The woods I use come from many sources. I am particularly keen on British deciduous woods as I spent my childhood in Suffolk surrounded by woodland. I enjoy walking and use these trips to collect wood from all over the UK. The many parks and gardens of London contain a diverse selection of woods and can offer great variety when interesting trees are felled.’

‘I pursue an organic approach to making, allowing materials and ideas to flow. I am keen to explore themes of function, ceremony and the history and cultures of Human making.’

’Nic currently tutors at Camberwell College, he runs spoon-carving workshops at his studio in London and tutors greenwood carving at West Dean College in Chichester.’