Hello, I'm Jonny at City of Conspiracy!


A hip-hop loving crime writer and poet/transmedia creator. City of Conspiracy is the project he has created in association with some of London's most forward thinking dramatists, musicians and storytellers.

I am primarily a writer of stories and a teller of tales. My creative career has been a constant teleporting act between the high art values of the institutions where I studied and the heartfelt values of the culture that I love. I am an unashamed hip hop head (for those that don’t understand this means that I seek to embody the values of hip hop culture everyday). This means that in my work I try to represent the following: good times, authenticity, sampling, reinvention of every facet of the world around me for the purpose of bettering humanity. This might sound like a big deal but hip hop is a big deal.

I also make rap music, write poetry and am thinking about doing the spoken word thing and will probably include a spoken word ( and I don’t mean Radio 4-style) element in my current project. To me it’s just a tool the same as any other tool and I think it can do a job for me.