Hello, I'm celeseah at Mission of Love Foundation!


I am Channel of Divine Wisdom & Healing. A Holistic Psychosexual Therapist, Intimacy and Relationship Expert, Holistic Health Practitioner & Educator. I am Passionate about the Empowerment of Women, Men and Children. I am a Conscious Relationship, Authentic Tantra Yoga and Conscious Sexuality Teacher and Mentor, being the first Ipsalu Tantric Kriya Yoga Teacher trained by Bodhi Avinasha in the UK since 2006. I specialize in Harmony of the Masculine and Feminine Energies within, enabling alignment with Divine Union, Conscious and Twinflame Relationship as a physical experience. Born a natural Psychic Empath, I have developed innate gifts of clairvoyance, clairsentience and claircognitive skills over 30 years. As an Intuitive Channel for Healing I use a variety of tools & healing modalities. I am a Usui Reiki, Angelic Reiki and Kormanu Master and Shamanic Munay Ki Initiator, trained in a diverse number of Holistic and Esoteric Therapies, including Tantra and Shamanism and have been holding space for Individuals and Groups for a many years. I am a mother of three children and have qualifications and experience in Steiner Waldorf Education and Care, Youth work and Mainstream Education.
I and My Partner Elandro (pictured here) simply Offer to Hold Space through the Power of Love and Compassion to allow Clarity, Love, Harmony, Joy and Bliss to unfold and Embody in your Life

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