Hello, I'm Lucie!


My path of yoga has started, inspired by my Guru Prem Baba. I took a hatha yoga teacher training course 500 hours in Rishikesh India at Rishikesh Yog Peeth school back in 2014. I have been doing yoga in fitness and yoga centres in London for a few years before that, but I discovered in Inida that the yoga I was doing could be hardly related to real yoga. It was rather fitness. After practicing yoga every day since I started my course I noticed that my lower spine became much more sensitive. During that time I “coincidently” read a book: “hatha yoga –correct approach to spine” by A.Pahomov, which explained so much about spine, its role, health and mental issues connected to displacement of vertebras. I took another teacher training course: hatha yoga correct approach to spine. I changed my practice now, having much more knowledge, understanding and experience about how to practice asanas correctly.
I have been teaching since then small groups in India, Thailand, London and Moscow still working in finance. I have left my job now and decided to fully dedicate myself to teaching yoga. I go regularly to India for wisdom and transformation.
Yoga is a life for me, whatever I do is based on yoga principles. Yoga world is so much more than just health, its transformation of human into junior God. I see how yoga transforming our world, bringing new consciousness, lighting a dark corners of this Planet, and how this Planet surrendering to Universal’s brilliant orders, which are governed by Love. I can see how life of human can be completely changed by yoga, how shadow can be transcended into light, poison into nectar.

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