The Original Soho Punk Rock Tour

British Punk was born in the Kings Road Chelsea but came of age in the clubs and dives of Soho and the surrounding area.Soho was a very different area in the mid seventies so join your guide Aidan McManus as he brings it to life and introduces you to the seminal historic punk characters and sites.
The Clubs,Marquee,Vortex,100,Roxy,Louise's and Notre Dame Hall,Strip club gigs,inspirational market stalls and boozers,where was the first Sex Pistols gig?Crash pads, Lesbian club hangouts and run ins with the law,this tour has it all!!
The tour lasts two hours and goes ahead whatever the weather.
Meet at Tottenham Court Road tube station, Exit 1, opposite The Flying Horse pub, the damage being £15, see you there!

Duration 2h
Price $23.00
Maximum guests 20
City London
Area W1D
Cancellation Non-refundable

Tour goes ahead what ever the weather

United Kingdom

This location is approximate. You will be provided with the exact location after you have booked.

Overall Guest Satisfaction
no image Taylor

I had a really great time learning about the history of Soho and the music scene. I had walked around the area a lot the day before and was really excited to find out more about the area. You can tell Aidan really enjoys interacting with visitors and sharing his extensive knowledge.

March 2020
no image Philip

Anyone interested in the punk scene of the late 70's will love this tour and even those that only have a passing interest will learn a lot about the soho music business right through from the 50/60s. Aidan is so entertaining and you will spend a fun 2 hours plus in his company. Highly recommended.

March 2020
no image Karen

We thoroughly enjoyed our tour! So much knowledge and information, the tour was just what we were looking for, not touristy at all. While there is a planned route, he will tailor the tour for the most part to your interests.

February 2020
no image Matthew

A fantastic personal insight into the birth of punk rock in London. Contextualising the places that were key to the growth of the movement and which perhaps you’ve simply walked past without realising their significance. Aidan covers punk rock and strays into both earlier and later movements and artists, for example the Rolling Stones, the Beatles, the who, David Bowie. So not necessarily just for those interested in punk. Would recommend to anyone and a very fair price too!

February 2020
no image Luis

Simply amazing. It's incredible how much Aidan knows about the Punk scene. And he's eager to share all those experiences with you!
The best tour I've had so far in London.

January 2020
no image Laura

We booked this tour months ahead of our family trip to London, as it was something we really didn't want to miss and we're so glad we did! Aidan is the real deal, he has first hand knowledge of everything he talks about on his tour, and he is really enthusiastic about the music industry and history of punk. He busts a lot of myths and gets to the reality of the punk scene and general music scene. We feel like we got a deeper understnding of London, apart from all the wonderful sites we visited during our stay. Highly recommend Aidan's tour!

January 2020
no image Jim

Definitely a highlight of my week in London. Aidan knows his stuff and talks about it with passion, humor, and heart. He's an extremely engaging tour leader.

December 2019
no image Daniel

Unbelievable value for money. Aidan is a fountain of knowledge not just about punk and the sex pistols but London in general. We’re looking into booking his other tours off the back of this brilliant experience.

November 2019
no image Lily

As always: excellent. Aiden knows what is talking about, not only because he is a contemporary witness regarding London's Punk Rock Scene (he has attended many concerts in all those different places) but also because his world is still all about Punk Rock. He researches constantly, contacts musicians and others who have been there in the 70s, to have the facts straight. I do highly recommend Aiden's tours. You will have fun exploring London far away from its mainstream-side.
Thx, Aiden!

October 2019
no image Brett

Aidan was great at telling a story about the punk movement in the UK because he lived it and clearly loves it. He was engaging and fun as all hell. Highly recommended.

October 2019
no image Reid

A fun tour with a friendly and knowledgeable guide who shared many stories from the punk era. We saw many sites of key events that one can appreciate the significance of whether or not one is a hardcore fan of punk because Aidan places the movement in the context of British and global music history. Our group was fortunate enough to visit the inside of the 100 club and meet the owner (not a planned part of the tour, just sheer happenstance). We would have loved to stick around longer to look at the photos from different legendary performances in the club and hear more stories (from a seemingly endless but fascinating collection of first-hand accounts) but unfortunately had overlapping obligations that day.

October 2019
no image Joachim

Excellent tour, truly entertaining and a lot of background information. Aidan brings you back in time. Priceless coincidence: meeting the owner of the 100 Club and getting a tour to the Club and many many great stories. Thank you to Aidan and Jeff

October 2019
no image Pär

Entertaining and informative, excellent!

October 2019
no image Mike

Ein absolutes Muss für alle Musikfans, nicht nur für Punks. man erhält einen geschichtlichen Einblick in die Londoner Musikszene. top

September 2019
no image Sophie

Incredible experience of British punk put into a modern context. Props to Aidan for doing such a great job! Truly a great value and great time.

September 2019
no image Iris

it is a great pleasure to make this tour. I can really recommend this tour

September 2019
no image Kiarna

Amazing tour, Aidan is so knowledgeable on the punk scene and the area as well as being an interesting and engaging person himself. Highly recommended!!

September 2019
no image sonia

you will breath the atmosphere of punk period

September 2019
no image zoe

Had a fascinating walk with Aidan McManus around Soho talking about the early days of Punk Rock. Although the tour is about Punk he would also refer to earlier music scenes , the section in Denmark St "Tin Pan Alley", was particularly interesting. He also had fascinating stories about some of the characters in punk and because he knows some of the musicians you know the stories come from the original scene. If you are interested in Punk and the London music scene I can recommend this.

August 2019
no image abbie

So great seeing all the original punk rock sites around Soho. Aidan's personal stories were rad! Highly recommend!

August 2019
no image Megan

Really interesting tour with a very knowledgeable and entertaining host! A great way to learn about the punk scene in London but also how London has changed since the 70s. Would highly recommend!

August 2019
no image Daphna

Great tour for another view on the city. Just forget the tourists and listen to the punkhistory of this district. Aiden makes you seeing it by his vivid storytelling.

August 2019
no image Philipp

It was a very interesting tour with Aidan. He did a great job

August 2019
no image Michael

Super to learn about all the punk rock heritage in Soho, compellingly told by Aidan and brought to life with his personal stories of the time. There’s nothing that Aiden can’t answer, about the characters, music or venues.

August 2019
no image Mark

This was a really enjoyable and interesting way to spend a couple of hours in Soho. Aidan is a very engaging and informative guide who is clearly passionate about the 70's London Punk scene. All the iconic Punk sites in Soho are visited on the tour, the Roxy, Vortex and Marquee etc, and as these are all pretty close there isn't much walking involved. The tour is pitched at a level that makes it interesting for Punk aficionados or simply those looking to learn a bit about London cultural history. All in all the tour is highly recommended and I'm already looking forward to my next Flipside tour in November !!

August 2019
no image Kelly

So many of the places where punk originated and many of the venues where punk shows happened. This is heavy with Sex Pistols stories as they are arguably the hosts favorite punk band. Would highly recommend as this tour highlights many memorable and formidable pieces of culture,music and history. Aidan was a hoot to be with!

July 2019
no image Wendy

Really interesting 2 hour tour in Soho!

July 2019
no image Ashley

Growing up in the early 80’s I was a huge fan of early punk bands, especially the bands that came out of England and New York. So, this July when I was visiting London with my 16 year old son, I thought it would be fun to find a tour that highlighted the roots of punk rock in London. After doing a quick internet search, I found the Original Soho Punk Tour. This particular tour appealed to me because I could tell from the website and other reviews, that Aidan was actually someone who was involved in the early scene.

I was definitely not disappointed with the tour. Aidan was so knowledgeable about the history of punk rock and the Soho area. He led us on an incredible adventure filled with stories and anecdotes of the early punk scene. He also shared so many interesting facts about the history of Soho and the surrounding areas. I learned so many new things about London and the iconic bands I grew up listening to.

I also appreciated that he included interesting facts about other bands/artists who may have directly or indirectly influenced or been influenced by punk rock. My son is not really into punk music, but Aidan saw that he liked the Beatles (he was wearing a Beatles’ shirt), and included interesting little tidbits about them to keep my son interested. So even if you are thinking about taking this tour with someone who may not really be into punk rock, I think Aidan does an amazing job of keeping it interesting for everyone.

I highly recommend taking this tour. If you are a fan of punk rock, a person interested in music and/or pop culture in general, or just someone looking to do something a little bit different while in the city, I highly recommend taking this tour.

July 2019
josephine josephine

Aidan is a (punk) rock star... his knowledge of London's punk music scene is second to none. He's hilarious and engaging, accommodating, I highly recommend.

July 2019
no image Aline

That Punk tour was so much fun and we enjoyed it a lot. Cool places, cool stories so that we felt like in a time machine.

June 2019
no image Ruth

We were disabled, but we will take that tour in the future.

June 2019
no image James

Strolling through the neighbourhood where so many great and influential bands hung out was amazing. Passing by music landmarks and having Aidan regale us with tales of the punk legends was incredible!

June 2019
no image Erich

The tour is a must for any punk rock enthusiast. Aidan has a lot of first-hand knowledge. I highly recommend the tour!

June 2019
no image Eirik

Aidan is a knowledgable and entertaining guide which bring SoHo of the past to life. A must if you are fan of punk.

June 2019
no image Eirik

Aidan is a knowledgable and entertaining guide which bring SoHo of the past to life. A must if you are fan of punk.

June 2019
no image Simon

It was an excellent tour by Aidan! Very interesting stories and very lively told by someone who was there in the years of punks arising in fact, and not just anyone who recites stories before read in an encyclopedia. And of course Aidan's a great person. Was totally worth it!

June 2019
no image Rachel

Enjoyed the tour .Aidan has a lot of interesting facts about the Punk era in Soho.Lively and fun tour.

June 2019
Johnny Johnny

Great tour around Soho. Aidan McManus is in control of the story. It can be recommended.

June 2019
no image Maria del Carmen

Fascinating tour! Most definitely recommended for every Punk and Music lover out there. Aidan is a lovely person but honestly real. You can tell he's been part of the scene and the history, there's so much passion in what he does and you can tell without a doubt.

I went to the "Punk Soho Tour" with a group of friends and we had fun and learn a lot. There's so much history covered on that tour! So fascinating. Two of my friends in the group were not even too punk savvy and they enjoyed it terribly as well.

Would def do it again.

May 2019
no image Florencia

It was great! Very complete tour.

May 2019
no image Michael

Bloody brilliant.....i booked onto this trip at the last minute and was soooo pleased i did..... Aiden knows his subject and all the youth cultures around it, inside out. On our tour there were ramones fans from the states and cockney rejects fans from argentina. Aiden is london born and bred and says it how it is......we were entertained for 2 1/2 hours really recommend this walk.

May 2019
no image Charles

Aidan knows his shit! Very interesting infos about the early punk years. A must do for Sex Pistols, The Damned and Clash fans!

May 2019
no image Eliana

Aidan is a true passionate about punk rock and he is really good at sharing his knowledge about the subject. Also, he is opened to questions and he never fails to answer, it's amazing all that he knows! I would recommend this tour to every rock fan ;)

May 2019
no image Mark

Great tour of Soho Punk scene and a must for anyone with an interested in Punk.
Very relaxed and informative tour.

May 2019
no image Victor

We where transported back in 1970's Soho, with Aidan sharing his personal history, his childhood and his feelings about Soho. I strongly recommend this wonderfull voyage in time.

April 2019
no image Nicolas

Totally recommend it!
It's really cool to see how places that now are hip and mainstream were, 40 years ago, the cradle of punk itself.

April 2019
no image sofia

Super interesting tour, recommended, Aidan is awesome

April 2019
no image John

Brilliant tour, I can thoroughly recommend it. This man knows his subject inside out and is happy to share his passion with us all.

April 2019
no image Christopher

A great couple of hours that brought back loads of good memories. Aiden has a passion and much 1st hand knowledge on the subject and kept it lively and intriguing. Thoroughly recommended.

April 2019
no image Rian

Wonderful! very knowledgeable and you could tell he was passionate about the subject. He was hilarious during the tour and made me feel transported back to 70's London

March 2019
no image mark

Excellent tour by our host Aiden, it was great fun to visit the places and hear the many stories of the exploits of our favourite new wave/punk bands.
Highly recommended!!!

March 2019
no image Richard

Great walk Aiden our guide certainly knows his subject, recommended for all lovers of music

March 2019
no image Jack

Aidan is a knowledgeable host

March 2019
no image Michael

We flew in from New York (home of the Ramones) to see how the historic London punk scene compared, and we weren’t disappointed. Aidan’s knowledge of the music was impressive and you could tell he has a real love for the scene. If we make it back to London I would gladly book another one of Aidan’s tours.

March 2019
Eleni Eleni

A highly recommended tour! Aidan gives you a clear picture of the punk scene back in the 70s, since he is very knowledgeable and engaging, and guides you to all the historic places. Don't miss it!

March 2019
no image Tim

Wonderful tour of SoHo. Aiden really brings 1970’s SoHo to life with his personal accounts, in depth social and historical knowledge and exuberance. Will be coming back for the gangland SoHo tour in the summer.

February 2019
no image Paul

A very informative guided tour with an excellent host Aidan McManus. I learnt a lot about the early Punk years, Aidan knows his stuff and the history of British music scene. We got to see all the iconic venues, The Roxy, Vortex, Original Marquee and the 100 club. Well worth the money and time for anyone who wants to know about the origin's of Punk and the Sex Pistols.

February 2019
no image Daniel

great and knowledgeable tour which was really good fun! highly recommend!!!

January 2019
no image Michael

I was hoping this tour would be amazing and it was! It was all I hoped for! Aidan knew so much and really gave a full and accurate picture of London punk at the time. He was more than happy to answe any questions and even helped us find a great place for lunch afterwards.

January 2019
no image Alexandra

This tour was fantastic! One of the highlights of our trip to London. Aidan was incredibly knowledgeable and the walk around Soho was so interesting. It's a bummer the area isn't what it used to be when it comes to the music scene, but the tour itself was great. If you love punk or just music history, this tour is a must.

January 2019
no image Murray

I took the tour on the 8th of December. Meeting spot was easy to find and Aidan was there well in time to greet myself and the other attendees. We chit-chatted a bit beforehand about his early days growing up in London in the 70's and then set off on our little adventure around deepest darkest Soho.
Aidan has the gift of pitching to his audience and keeping things light and genial throughout the couple of hours we weaved our way around the streets. We were never rushed and his genuine affection for those days gone past shone through.
Not only that, he didn't restrict everything to just the punk scene - there was the place where the coffee shop was where the nascent Kinks and Rolling Stones gathered, waiting to be discovered, there's where Keith Richards bought his guitars, and here's the studio where Bowie recorded Space Oddity. Cracking stuff.
But it's the punk we came for and it's the punk we got. Sadly, and only to be expected, many of the old venues have long since passed under the developers wrecking ball but Aidan knows the spots. We see where the Pistols played their first gig (St Martin's School of Art - still standing), where the original Marquee club was, the Roxy, the El Paradise, the 100 Club, and so on. Aidan had stories of attending gigs, keeping one eye on the performance of the bands, and the other on the time, fretting about missing the last train and having to sleep rough for the night.
All in all, 2 and a half hours went quickly and the only time I saw his mood darken was as we entered the reasonably recent addition of Chinatown, the development of same which saw many beloved haunts of his disappear.
So, geezers, do y'selves a favour and get on this. It's a little punk miracle and Aidan is a generous host well deserving of your dosh.
Also, the 100 Club is still a working venue and by all accounts, there's some top entertainment to be had there still, so check out what's on in advance and make a day and night of it in Soho. Blow me down if The Members weren't on the list of artists playing over the next week or so the day I took the tour.
Nice one Aidan - thanks again

December 2018
no image Andreas

Best tour in London !!!

December 2018
no image mark

You really felt you were working ih=n history. Engaging, funny, just the best money I have spent in ages.

November 2018
no image Julie

The Soho Punk Walking Tour with Aidan was really good. He has a vast amount of knowledge and lots of pictures. He is constantly adding to his knowledge due to the people he speaks to / knows. The tour was a little longer than anticipated yet every minute of it was interesting. We would happily have taken Aidan for a drink afterwards but unfortunately we were rushing off to another part of London for a gig. We are hoping to do the Strummer Walk Tour at some point in the future.

November 2018
no image Susan

Aidan is a fantastic guide -- extremely knowledgable, as well as funny and irreverent. Couldn't ask for a better ambassador to punk!

October 2018
no image Laura

The Punk walking tour with Aidan was excellent
He is very knowledgeable of Punk, music and the London scene mixed with a fabulous sense of humour. Thoroughly recommend this tour

October 2018
no image Nikolai

Outstanding stories and information about Punk Rock and a it's history.

October 2018
no image Valeria

Great tour! Aidan nos contó cómo fueron realmente lo orígenes del punk, recorrimos los lugares donde las bandas tocaban y ensayaban, fue emocionante recorrer el SoHo sabiendo que en esas mismas calles y lugares transcurrió una época que dejó su marca e influencia en la música y la cultura en general.

September 2018
no image Lou

Great tour, Aidan has great knowledge of the local spots from being in the clubs back in the day. Great storyteller on the clubs and seminal shows. Well organized and fun.

August 2018
no image Mark

Had a great time with Aidan. He’s a punk rock historian and knew all the sites and had amazing stories about the era and the musicians. Would highly recommend to anyone who loves punk or any kind of rock. My wife doesn’t even like rock music and she was fascinated by the history. Thanks again, Aidan. -Mark Wolf

July 2018
Chuck Chuck

Aidan is top notch !!! Five stars and then some... his memory and first hand knowledge of the accounts of the days of the era are second to none, I couldn’t have asked for a more pleasant and entertains experience.
Taking a wealth of knowledge about the development of the Punk era and some good facts to no doubt debate over at bar with my friends who believe they know “everything” about the genre ...good stuff!
I highly recommend this tour to any music history fan from any genre, Aidan will draw you in with his tales and keep you entertained the entire walk. I promise you this, upon my return to the U.K. I will most definitely pay him a visit again ...thank you Aidan it was an excellent visit ...Cheers

July 2018
no image Fiona

Really brought the story to life- can't recommend highly enough

July 2018
no image Julie

Brilliant ,irreverent and downright great fun . A walk with character ,personality and lots of great stories.

July 2018
no image Neal

Fascinating tour and incredibly knowledgeable tour guide. Highly recommend!!!!!!

July 2018
Kelly Kelly

This is THE tour to go on if you're even remotely interested in punk rock! Aidan was highly knowledgable and one hell of a speaker. His first hand accounts as well as his vivid story telling , put you right back in dirty SOHO in the hayday of the up and coming punk scene.

June 2018
no image Vladyslava

Aiden has a unique personality and exellent sense of humour. He has busted some myths about punk culture, you won't find this information online! Highly recommended for anyone who wants to look at punk London with the eyes of an eyewitness. :D

June 2018
no image Eni

We were a little late from the tour but it was a really great one. Aidan is super enthusiastic about punk and knows a lot about the history and the bands. A must do if you are interested in the lesser known facts of Soho.

June 2018
no image Carol

Aiden’s Soho Punk Rock Tour is an excellent, very informative & highly entertaining stroll around the Punk heartlands of London’s Soho. Full of stories of the early days of Punk Year Zero, as well as fascinating social history about the venues & buildings that went to contribute to this history. I wonder how many old punkers have strolled around Soho & walked right past the infamous Roxy Club, even though it is celebrated with a blue plaque! If you’re a dedicated Punk historian, or the other half of one, a casual observer of musical history, or just a welcome tourist looking to fill a fascinating two hours of one of the real stories of London, then this is the tour for you! Aiden is knowledgeable, articulate and delivers his stories in a highly entertaining and down to earth manner. Thanks mate!

May 2018
no image Michelle

Very informative the information was delivered in a easy to understand way. We weren't rushed plenty of time at each location. All questions answered.

May 2018
no image Paulo

This man is a real human encyclopedia of punk.

May 2018
no image Serena

Wonderful tour with Aidan, really enjoyed. It worth the visit, don't miss the chance to have a really different experience of London! Will do other tour with Aidan next time in the city for sure

May 2018
no image jane

Aidan was a fantastic guide, he had an amazing wealth of knowledge which he shared in such an interesting and engaging way. I would highly recommend this tour to avid punk fans and those who want to know more. Best tour I have been on.

April 2018
no image Juergen

My wife and I had the "Soho Punk Tour" with Aiden a week ago.
It was really great, very informative and Aiden had told many interesting stories about bands, clubs and concerts in the early years of punk in London.
I can absolutely recommend this tour for people who are interested in youth movements, punk music and art.


April 2018
no image Andreas

Top fella, screaming entertaining walk. Knew a lot of good stories and showed us all the places.

April 2018
no image Dee

Well worth the money the tour lasted 2 and a half hours. Aidan is very informative we learnt some interesting facts - recommend the tour.

February 2018
no image Francesco

Aidan was an excellent tour guide, and his first-hand knowledge and stories really made this tour all the more fun!

January 2018
no image Dawn

A fun, informative, and eye-opening experience. Aidan is a great guide. Not only does he cover punk rock history, he knows his Soho history, culture, and politics so you understand it all in context. As a historian, I was quite pleased.

January 2018
no image Vicky

You must do this tour if you are at all interested in rock music! Aidan is a fantastic tour guide. He lived the 70s and 80s and speaks from a personal point of view. He is also extremely well read and knowledgeable. 2 hours of absolute fun!

December 2017
no image Dagmar

Great tour, great stories that eye- and ear witness Aidan gleefully shared with us, plus extra tipps where to go. Highly recommended for anyone interested in British rock history!

December 2017
no image Gabriele

Aidan is a real certified GUIDE of the Punk period in Soho and London, not because he was trained or he made a research on, but because he lived that moment and he can talk about with the knowledge of the protagonist. Punk was an incredible shock in the music world of last century, a gun shot (talking about sex pistols...) that did change a lot of things, Aidan like few others will be your mentor making alive again those unique years.

November 2017
no image Emi

AWESOME tour! I would highly recomend it to anyone who is interested in punk music.

November 2017
no image Suvi

"Punk is an attitude"
Aidan´ s tour was excellent - he really have lots and lots facinating stories about clubs, people, fashion, sites and music scene. He even had some current info about the Michael Monroe and Hanoi Rocks. That specially warm our Finnish hearts :)

November 2017
no image Scott

One of the highlights of our trip! Aidan gave us a good overview of Soho before we started the tour which was important to see how this relatively small area became the epicenter of punk. Many sights & stories...Aidan can sure spin a yarn :) Well worth the price & a must for anyone into punk rock!

November 2017
no image Inger

So glad I came across Aidan's Punk Rock walking tour. While he's full of great information, he also incorporated his own personal stories and memories into this exceptional, unique time in London's music history. I found Aidan funny in his true, authentic British humor and slang. It was a great way to experience Soho and learn so much more about the history. Thank you Aidan!!

October 2017
no image Dylan

A fantastic tour with great detail about the Sex Pistols and Punk Rock, also a lot or Rock 'n' Roll history and of Soho in general, it lasted 2.5 hours!!

October 2017
no image Kriszta

Really interesting and amazing tour, it felt like some kind of a punk heaven. Also learned a lot about how to walk London streets properly.

September 2017
no image Aaron

To me punk rock history is as valid as any history.
It molded my youth many years after its popularity and continues to today.
There could not have been a better tour guide than someone who was there.
Aidan was truly passionate about the subject matter and the information was so indepth i walked away with so much information that i never knew. You will not be disappointed.

September 2017
no image Danielle

Great tour, Aidan is full of stories and information!

September 2017
no image Gail

Really interesting tour, Aidan was extremely knowledgeable guide, a must for all interested in the beginning of punk in London Town.

September 2017
no image Chris

Aidan has curated a fun, informative walk through Soho that punk fans and non-punk fans alike can enjoy. This tour is a great way to step back into a different, slightly grimier time in Soho's history and learn a few things. As a sidenote, I brought my mom along who had never heard the words Sex and Pistols used in the same sentence before, and even she enjoyed it!

August 2017
no image Phil

This was a very informative and fun tour. Aidan was as knowledgeable as he was intrepid. He did a wonderful job of explaining the 1970's vibe, and how much had changed. He even gave us recommendations on the local music scene of today.

August 2017
no image Philip

What a wonderful way to see the secret history of London! As a bit of a punk historian myself, a lot of the stories weren't new to me, but Aiden's great storytelling was always compelling and full of anecdotal nuggets. Actually seeing all the sites and seeing how the entire cityscape has changed since the 70s was fascinating to say the least. And rather than limit the content to punk proper, Aiden really lays out the whole history of the Soho underground in oder to contextualize punk. I hope he puts out a guidebook someday, and I can't wait to take his crime tour next time I'm in London. Whatever your level of punk knowledge or interest, I can't recommend this tour enough.

August 2017
no image Rachel

Great walking tour - knowlegdgeable guide. Even entertained a non-punk fan. Saw a side of the city wouldn't have observed without the tour.

August 2017
no image Russ

The dog bollocks,never mind the tourists here's Aiden. Couldn't think of a better way to spend 2 hours in the rain.A must for anyone who has an interest in punk

July 2017
no image Catherine

Knowledgeable and colourful guide, interesting circuit

July 2017
no image Leslie

Aidan had such a command of the streets of Soho and the information he shared with us was so interesting on the 70's punk scene!!! We enjoyed every minute of the 2 hour tour and HIGHLY recommend this to anyone interested in this history as we were!

June 2017
Alex Alex

Aidan is really nice and friendly person. It was about 15 years old when punk starts to kick in London, you can understand he have passion for that era, for its culture and music. He will explain you how life was at that time and the impact of punk culture in London along with very funny stories and curiosity.

Really interesting couple of hours about London punk rock history. You will have the occasion to visit:

Denmak Place - associated with British popular music since 50's, first via publishers and later by recording studios and music shops.
There, you will see: Regent Sound Studio at No. 4 where The Rolling Stone recorded. Gioconda cafe’ at No 9, where music stars such as David Bowie and later Elton John and many other used to hang out. And finally at No. 6 the house where Sex Pistol used to live and recorded their first demo.

St Martins College of Art - where Sex Pistols made their live debut in the top-floor Common Room on November 6th 1975.

The place where The Roxy club used to be - legendary punk club from 1976-78. Lots of punk bands played there such as: Generation X
The Adverts, Buzzcocks, Chelsea, Cock Sparrer, The Cortinas, X-Ray Spex, Sex Pistol and many others. An Heritage Blue Plaques remains to remember the place.

Notre Dame Hall - now Leicester Square Theatre - in the 1970s was a music venue which hosted bands as: The Rolling Stones and The Who, but it was specialised in punk music, hosting such acts as The Sex Pistols. In 1979, The Clash previewed material from London Calling here shortly before recording the album.

The Cambridge pub - probably the Sex Pistol local pub for years. Situated near Danmark Place and St Martins College of Art, the pub is where Glen Matlock wrote 'Pretty Vacant' and many other musicians used to hang in the upstair rooms.

The Marquee Club - since the club moved in 90 Wardour Street in the 60's, it starts to host many rock bands on its tiny stage. It became really famous hosting major music bands such as The Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, The Who, Yes, The Jimi Hendrix Experience and Pink Floyd. Another band that made regular appearances was The Manish Boys featuring David Bowie, who first played there in November 1964.
In the 70s hosted The Status Quo and from there lots of punk and new Punk order bands: as The Boys, Eddie and the Hot Rods, Generation X, The Police, XTC, Buzzcocks, the early Adam & the Ants, then Joy Division and The Cure.
Few doors away there is a pub called The Ship where all the members of music scene used to hang out, many gig where organise here and many music connections happen.
On the external wall of what was The Marquee - now a cocktail bar - you can see listed the most famous bands played there.

Vortex - Vortex was open by one of Roxy cofounder Andy Czezowski in middle 77 and last until March 78. Just 9 months, but hosted a lot of '77 punk bands.

100's Club - it's the last music venue still open from that era. It s still host punk bands old and new. I personally saw TV Smith recently play there.

As last you will see Louise's club - once drinking Lesbian club, it become an important venue of the punk scene thanks to Siouxsie bringing there Sex Pistol fans and punk crew.

I suggest to bring a camera and wear comfortable shoes

...go for it! ..I enjoy it .... It's really worthy!

May 2017
no image Tim

I would highly recommend this tour to any music fan, whether you're into punk or not. Aidan was knowledgeable, passionate and an extremely charismatic host. As someone who experienced this brief but transformative burst of creative energy firsthand, he was able to give us a unique behind the scenes glimpse into the formative years of the UK punk scene, as well as the debauchery In Soho that allowed it to thrive. I went into the tour knowing a fair bit about some of the bigger bands and the scene itself, but Aidan constantly provided tasty tidbits of extra info that most people are probably unaware of. Will defintely be recommending to friends and family.

May 2017
Lorena Lorena

Great tour by a Punk Rocker at heart

May 2017
no image dar

What a brilliant couple of hours, thoroughly enjoyed the tour with a professional friendly guide who made sure that everybody was involved at all times, can't rate the tour highly enough, well done Aidan.

April 2017
Caroline Caroline

Absolutely brilliant. I cannot think of a better way to spend a few hours on a Saturday! Aidan was very knowledgeable and held our interest from start to finish, so much so, I didn't want it to end. I can't wait to return to London in April to visit the 100 Club for the first time to see Resistance 77. This is a not to be missed tour for anyone with an interest in punk and where it all began for so many bands.

January 2017
no image Isabel

Absolute brilliant Tour with a great host!! Highly recommended

January 2017
no image Patrick

An entertaining and informative tour through the early days of UK Punk. Lots of anecdotes delivered at some of the key locations with an emphasis on The Sex Pistols.

January 2017
Steve Steve

Great little punk rock walking tour of Soho. Really enjoyed it!

January 2017
Clare Clare

Engaging, informative and with a great guide who is clearly passionate about his subject. Great way to spend a few hours on a Saturday and great value for the amount you learn and laugh. Would 100% recommend.

January 2017
Carlos Carlos

Awesome tour! So much musical history! Aidan was there for the birth and death of punk rock in London, very knowledgable. I thoroughly enjoyed my time and learned loads of cool facts. I can't wait to walk through Soho and re-visit all the spots that Aidan pointed out. Highly recommend for any punk and/or rock and roll fans.

January 2017
no image Andy

Outstanding walked passed these places before and never knew that's where all these clubs where and very informative

January 2017
no image Hans-Jörg

Excellent tour!

I'm working in Soho since more than a year and yet didn't know half the stuff, Aidan told us. This guy certainly has the street credibility you need for a tour like this. Best of all was that he was just talking about the Pistols and Glen Matlock wen Matlock actually turned up in person and said hi to us.

Book this tour - it's worth every penny you pay for it!

January 2017
Tom Tom

Informative, funny and true to punk roots.

January 2017
Dave Dave

Aiden was cool. Seemed very knowledgable.

January 2017
no image Micah

Excellent tour of the various punk history of Soho. A great deal of the stories told were on the Sex Pistols, and none other than the bassist of the Sex Pistols randomly walked in on our tour and was introduced to us by Aidan. We had a great time and would definitely recommend to anyone interested in early London Punk history.

December 2016
Ben Ben

Fuckin' good

December 2016
Andreas Andreas

Soho mit anderen Augen sehen! Aiden lässt über seine Erzählungen die Punk-Geschichte lebendig werden. Es war ein unglaublich tolles Erlebniss die Geburtsorte des Punk zu sehen und Aiden zu zu hören. Es ist auch mit normalen Englischkenntnissen leicht ihm zu folgen. Er hat ein sehr gutes Gefühl, ob er von allen Teilnehmern verstanden wird. Ich würde die Tour sichern noch einmal mit Aiden machen. Wer das alte Punk-Soho noch erleben will sollte sich beeilen bevor die letzten Relikte verschwinden...
Andreas aus Hannover

December 2016
Divya Divya

Great tour with a really friendly and funny tour guide :) very interesting and cool stories

December 2016
no image Gary

A comprehensive tour of all the punk places of Soho by a well informed and enthusiastic host, and a good dose of humour too. Aiden's a great host and made the time fly by, bringing each location alive with stories and facts. Highly recommended

October 2016
no image DANIEL

One for the sex pistols anorak

October 2016
Diana Diana

Highly recommended if you love music

October 2016
Ruud Ruud

Thank you again Aiden for the great walk through Soho last week. You and the wheather made everything perfekt. You keep punk and the Pistols alive.

September 2016
Guillermo Guillermo

It was excellent , extraordinary, i do highlyrecommend

September 2016
no image Monika

Booked this tour for my parents' 60th birthdays that both fall on the same week. They absolutely loved it and said that Aidan was passionate and informative. They'd never been on a tour like it! A perfect present. Cheers Aidan!

September 2016
Knut Knut

Absoltely authenic tour! We liked it! Punk's not dead!!!!

August 2016
no image Bruce

I love a rock (history) tour. Over the course of numerous visits to the UK, I've done five, and Aidan McManus's Original Soho Punk Rock Tour sets a standard all others should follow.
A few day's prior to the OSPRT, I did a certain bus tour and let's just say they were "winging it". (The moment the driver asserted Siouxsie & The Banshees and The Cure played the Blitz club - they most certainly *didn't* - EVERY other 'fact' was rendered questionable. I was left thinking, “Exactly how much of this is ACCURATE?”)
You'll get no such spurious reportage from Aidan. Not only was he *at* some of the gigs he recounts, the man is a walking encyclopedia and he walks you to locations I'd not even THOUGHT we might go to. Locations I'd seen on previous tours were imbued with information that other guides didn't know or didn't care to know. The tour is not just "punk”; there's spillage into Sabbath, Bowie, Queen... And it's not just "music"; it covers the sex trade, the clubs...
It's billed as "two hours", but after two AND A HALF hours, Aidan asked the group, "Are you up for seeing one more place?" It was of course a unanimous yes. I won't spoil the surprise of the final location but not only was it unexpected, it was possible to peer in and see EXACTLY how it looked in
76-77. (It hasn't changed.)
If the Sex Pistols mattered, or if The Clash mattered, from a lot down to even a little bit, if early UK punk history holds any level of fascination, this tour is very much for you if not damned near essential. If you’re simply curious and fancy a pleasant stroll around the West End with an extraordinarily amicable fellow who paints a vivid portrait of a time and place that reshaped music and art, it's arguably the best value tour in London. If all you really want from a London rock tour is a photo on the Abbey Road crosswalk, this is probably not for you. (And you can get that for free. Tube it to St John's Wood and walk.) But for an extraordinarily comprehensive, layered and indepth portrait of the people and the places from a vibrant time unlikely to ever be repeated, the Original Soho Punk Rock Tour is without peer. Very highly recommended.

August 2016
Chris Chris

awesome tour! I'm local but learnt loads and aiden was a great guide

July 2016
Nicola Nicola

It was an excellent trip in a London you prolly wouldn't find otherwise. Aidan is a superb guide, fast paced with lots of knowledge about London's Punk history. It's a shame most of the buildings are removed or changed destination but with this tour you can breath the old atmosphere nevertheless.
Absolutely recommended!

July 2016
Paul Paul

The Soho Punk Tour with Aidan McManus was great! Aidan has a great personality, and knows this territory well. He kept things moving, and it was fun for anyone, whether they know anything about the music and time or not. Highly recommended.

July 2016
no image Jen

Aidan was very knowledgeable and approachable. Although a lot of places no longer exist, Aidan managed to capture the atmosphere from back then though detailed descriptions and interesting anecdotes.

June 2016
no image Stephen

Great day out for old punks! Very informative. Captured the time well with stories and photographs.

June 2016
Kelly Kelly

We had an incredible two hours in the company of Aidan as he took us through history. The preamble is in the title: it's a punk rock tour, but Aidan has carefully curated sights, sounds, images and buildings which really capture the feeling both aesthetically and anecdotally from this punk guru. From Denmark Street to the end of days in punk terms this is all about the wonder of being different in a world where everything is the same, what better place to experience that than Soho?
Amazing doesn't cover it really: we listened to some truly awesome stories that could only come from the mind and mouth of someone who had been there. Aidan, we salute you!
Oh and don't forget to grab a pint at the end - it's what Sid Vicious would have wanted (maybe).

June 2016
Nick Nick

Excellent tour, highly recommended, Aidan's knowledge of the sex pistols and the punk scene is brilliant

June 2016
no image Sally

Aidan was very enthusiastic and knowledgeable about the history of London, and his passion for all things punk was evident from the beginning. Aidan was well prepared with photographs and suggestions of records/documentaries we should listen to. Would definitely recommend to a friend!

June 2016
Mark Mark

Booked on the 28.05.16 tour and Aiden provided a fantastic commentary on the punk scene in and around Soho. The tour is full of stories and anecdotes of what happened where and when and included a superb insight into the history of the area. Would thoroughly recommend the tour to anyone interested in the early punk scene in London. Thanks Aiden!

May 2016
Farrah Farrah

Just brilliant! Aidan was so passionate & knowledgable about the music & history. Was a delight to listen to all the stories. Look forward to doing another tour with him when next in London.

May 2016
Adrian Adrian

What a great way to spend a couple of hours. If you are into your music, and in particular Punk, it's a fascinating tour. Aidan is knowledgeable and enthusiastic and packs so much into the tour. He has a real appreciation of the rich musical heritage of Soho and it's good to know that Aidan is doing his bit to keep the heritage alive. Corporate London seems to be happy to forget the rich musical and cultural history we have in our capital city. Cheers Aidan, a great tour.

March 2016
Randal Randal

Any music lover, when visiting London, should take The Original Soho Punk Rock Tour. Our host Aiden makes us relive the punk era with is encyclopedic knowledge as he takes us to some of the most famous places in Soho that hosted the likes of the Sex Pistols, The Clash, Siouxsie and the Banshees, The Who, The Police, The Rolling Stones, to name a few.

Not only did we learn which band played at the locations we visited, we were given a rare insight into their lives. We learnt about the marketing and media manipulation behind the shenanigans that made these bands famous.

Aiden really made the memories flood back as we zig-zagged all through Soho visiting these site, many of which have been repurposed by other businesses.

I highly suggest you take the tour before even more of these landmark buildings are torn down, only to have their pictures displayed in a museum dedicated to Punk Rock.

March 2016
no image Susan

An entertaining and informative tour with this lovely guy
In his pink hat. He did his best to include the punk widows.

November 2015
Colin Colin

Good tour, got to learn about the neighborhood's past and how it's changed, and some good personal stories and folklore.

November 2015
Carol Carol

The tour was dynamic and a fast two hours. Unscripted, unlike the "other" London tour guides, Aidan McManus is a vivid, salty storyteller and keeps it interesting.

July 2015
Kevin Kevin

A great time was had by all on our tour! Aiden is fun, full of facts and a passionat guide through Soho punk history.

June 2015
Kim Kim

Absolutely brilliant couple of hours walking around with Aidan. Hear about Soho's punk history from someone who was there, saw it and lived it. Aidan is a great guy who knows his stuff, is happy answering questions and makes social history come to life. Geographically I know Soho really well, I now know more about its history, who did what and where and with whom. Cannot recommend this tour enough - thanks Aidan!

February 2015
Paul Paul

Had a great time !! Really interesting would highly recommend to anyone interested in punk and London life !! Aidan was a great guy too with great stories !!

June 2014


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