About Us

The Kazoova Team

Our founder is the amazing Soo Ling Lim. She's an unstoppable whirlwind of energy (she single-handedly built most of the Kazoova platform that you are now using) and she is passionate about making technology that real people can use.

Our co-founder is the creative geek Peter Bentley. He's done everything from write popular science books and develop number one bestselling iPhone apps, to creating crazy new kinds of computer. He firmly believes that Kazoova can change the world for the better.

Soo Ling and Peter are both computer scientists based at the Department of Computer Science, University College London. They both have PhDs in Computer Science and are experts in innovative and people-oriented computing.

Our Story

Kazoova began as an idea, late 2012. Peter, one of our founders, was working in Norway for a few days. In conversation over dinner he was told about a recent event that was in the news. An 88-year-old woman called Reidun Orest had placed an advert in the paper. She was a widow, had just lost her brother and son, and she didn't want to celebrate Christmas alone. She just wanted to spend a day with a friendly family over Christmas, enjoy good company and a nice meal; she would pay for any expenses. The response was amazing. Hundreds of people across Norway responded, offering her their hospitality. Soon people all over Norway were talking, tweeting and blogging about Reidun. The story had a happy ending – Reidun chose a family who lived near to her. She had seen them coming and going but had never spoken to them before. She had a fun Christmas with this generous family.

Peter chatted with Soo Ling and realised that the story was a wonderful example of the way communities can support each other. Every community is full of people who have unique, useful, and exciting things that they do every day. The mother of two children a few streets from you, who was born in New Delhi, cooks better Indian food than you will eat in any local restaurant – and she can teach you how to make it as well! A tiny beauty shop on your high street offers a relaxing massage as good as any spa, but at a tenth of the price. Your retired friend takes a car full of elderly people to the supermarket and back every Tuesday. Your neighbour a few doors down is a photographer and can walk with you to some spectacular local views you never knew existed and instruct you how best to capture them with your own camera. On the other side of town is a guy who has his own hot air balloon.

Kazoova was created to connect communities together. We all love to experience something authentic and fun. Kazoova connects the people who do with the people who want to try. While times are more difficult we may not want to spend a fortune for every new activity we participate in. Kazoova allows communities to provide their unique local expertise to each other at great prices. Cultures are shared, friendships made, experiences enjoyed. Local communities and businesses benefit, and we all have fun. This is the Kazoova way.

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